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The ReaperTradingClub Discord Server helps total beginners to dominate the US market consistently. How ? We teach our proven 2-1-2 system that works. 

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The ReaperTradingClub Discord Server helps total beginners to dominate the US market consistently.


Reliable Analysis, Plays, & Help.

" Having Luis as my mentor is probably the best investment that I have ever made in trading. He taught me how to trade with discipline and consistency. These are key points that make a successful trader. Hitting home runs are great but if you can't be consistent with your trades then what is the point. In just the past two months, I have already made a lot of improvement and I can see myself being more disciplined, slowly bringing back my account to a positive, and being more patient with the market especially now when it is at its highest volatility. I don't normally write testimonials but he is honestly a really great mentor. "

Serena, ReaperTradingClub Chat / Server Member. ( @Serenaaa #1088 )
3 free days, then $54.99/month


We know how important it is to stay updated with the most important news which is why we notify our members the second we catch anything important.


Need help? Don't Worry, We offer 25/7 support for all our club members.


Reaper provides a daily & weekly watchlist to all our members so they can see exactly what we are focusing on.


We understand our members are unique. We offer a video introduction to all members so that we are all on the same page. Our guide will teach you the basics of money management, trading analysis, & trading psychology.


Our strategy has been back tested from 2000 to 2020 and has produced these results:

"Reaper trading is a tight nit trading community with reliable analysts. Reaper gives us a plan to start every week and guides us all the way through. He's been there to answer my questions and teach me hands on how to trade spreads i haven't experimented with before. My time here has been not only profitable, but a better learning experience than you get in a lot of other chats. Reaper to the moon!"

Meds, ReaperTradingClub Chat / Server Member. ( @meds #5967)
3 free days, then $54.99/month

One platform, many superpowers

The most intuitive trading group into one chat server.
From communication to research.

3 free days, then $54.99/month

Meet our Newest Addition to Our Discord Server:

What is Dark Pool Data ?

Dark pools are private stock exchanges where millions of shares are traded. Data on these trades go unreported for up to 24 hours. 

40% of all trading NOW takes place in the Secretive Dark Pool…

Now you can take advantage of this dark-pool-data chat feature,

Go to the discord chat, type, "FLOW (any-stock)" & our system will deliver dark-pool-data for that stock , Straight to Chat!

Receive dark pool data in seconds. Amazing addition to your monthly membership !

3 free days, then $54.99/month

Thought Provoking Philosophy

Delivered in the Afternoon.

"Honestly, I love this chat... love how you are trying your best to make us profitable and helping us stay consistent and over time I feel like I can master this skill with the help of this chat"

Von, ReaperTradingClub Chat / Server Member. ( @von #9804)

Winning Strategy + Winning Mentality =
Contract Reaper

Whatever trading you do, use our Discord server Today & Everyday.

Feel good about the people you talk to. Feel great about learning. Feel relaxed. We have the hard work covered.

3 free days, then $54.99/month

ReaperTradingClub is one of the fastest growing communities dedicated to teaching beginners how to trade. Our focus is in giving the best information to our members so they can formulate a plan and profit. 

With a membership you get access to some of the best information out there in the industry.  You also get access to a like minded community where you can network. Information and networking is the pinnacle of success.

We have you covered. Our server is easy to follow and you will receive a complimentary 1on1 coaching session upon request so that you get the best help possible. 

As part of our strategy we may get into a debit or credit spread. If you have no idea what they are, no need to worry we will go over the trade if needed. Learning from our trades will be valuable so that you know how they work and when a trading pro would use them and why.

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